Today Is My Birthday🎈🎂 I Have A Lot Of Food But I’m Alone Because I’m Not Perfect☹️☹️ I Wish I Had Lots Of Wishes🎊

Milu was a small dog who lived in a small house in a poor neighborhood. Milu was very well-behaved and adorable, but he didn’t have many friends. Maybe it was because Milu didn’t have a special appearance, or maybe it was because he lived in a neighborhood where no one paid attention to dogs.

Every year, Milu would eagerly anticipate his birthday. He hoped that on this day, someone would remember him and give him a gift. But year after year, Milu would have to celebrate his birthday alone.

This year, Milu turned 3 years old. Early in the morning, Milu woke up and ran to the window, hoping for something unexpected. But outside was the familiar scene of the poor neighborhood. The neighbors were still going to work, going to school, no one paid attention to Milu.

Milu was very sad. He sat down by the window and looked out. Suddenly, he saw a little boy sitting on a park bench, staring at him. Milu ran out excitedly.

The boy looked at Milu and smiled. “Hello Milu, happy birthday”

Milu was surprised. He had never been congratulated by anyone on his birthday before. He wagged his tail and meowed.

The boy took out a small birthday cake and a toy. “This is my birthday present for Milu.”

Milu jumped up happily and accepted the gift. He took a bite of the birthday cake and meowed in delight.

Milu and the boy played together all day. Milu felt very happy. He knew that from now on, he would no longer be lonely.

The boy was a new arrival to the neighborhood. His name was Minh. Minh was a kind and animal-loving boy. Minh often came to play with Milu and brought him food.

Milu and Minh became best friends. Milu no longer had to celebrate his birthday alone. He had a friend who was always there for him and loved him.

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