Today Is My Birthday 🎈🎂But It’s The First Time I’ve Celebrated Without Receiving Any Wishes 🎊🎂 I Believe It’s Because I’m Ugly, So I’m Feeling Very Sad☹️

Lu was a small, adorable mixed-breed dog. He was adopted by a family when he was just a few months old. Lu was very well-behaved and friendly, and he quickly became a member of the family.

This year, Lu turned three years old. Lu’s family decided to throw him a birthday party. They decorated the house beautifully, bought cake, toys, and gifts for Lu.

On the morning of his birthday, Lu was very excited. He ran around the house, barking happily. When people started to arrive, Lu jumped up on each one, overjoyed as if he had met a long-lost relative.

However, after a while of fun, people began to leave. Lu stood watching them, his eyes sad. He didn’t understand why people would suddenly leave, leaving him alone.

Lu sat down, looking at the cake in front of him. He really wanted to eat it, but he had no one to share it with. Lu felt lonely and sad.

Suddenly, Lu heard a knock at the door. He quickly ran to open it. Standing at the door was a little girl. The little girl looked at Lu and smiled brightly and said:

“Hello Lu, happy birthday”

Lu happily ran to the little girl. He jumped up on the little girl’s leg, barking happily.

The little girl sat down next to Lu and hugged him. She said:

“Lu, do you want to play with me?”

Lu wagged his tail happily. He was very happy to have a new friend.

The little girl and Lu played together very happily. They played tag, played fetch, and played hide-and-seek. Lu felt very happy. He knew that he would never feel lonely again.

Finally, the little girl had to go home. Lu looked after the little girl, his eyes sad. He didn’t want the little girl to leave.

The little girl turned back to look at Lu and said:

“I’ll come back to play with Lu tomorrow”

Lu wagged his tail happily. He was looking forward to meeting his new friend again tomorrow.

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