Margot Robbie Dazzles On The Red Carpet In An Ice Blue Versace Gown Boasts Bold Draping And A Side Slit Highlighted By Vibrant Red Lace At The ‘Babylon’ Premiere In Sydney.

For the Australian premiere of her film “Babylon” in January 2023, Margot Robbie turned heads in a breathtaking ice blue Versace gown that exuded Hollywood glamour. Let’s take a closer look at her stunning red carpet attire:

Clad in a magnificent ice blue hue, the Versace gown hugged Robbie’s figure effortlessly, showcasing her statuesque silhouette. The color, reminiscent of a cool winter sky, perfectly complemented her fair complexion and blonde hair.

The dress featured a structured corset-style bodice that cinched in her waist, accentuating her curves. The bodice was further embellished with delicate hardware details on the straps, adding a touch of edginess to the otherwise elegant ensemble.

The skirt of the gown flowed gracefully to the floor, showcasing its bold draping and movement. A daring side slit added a touch of sensuality, revealing a glimpse of a vibrant red lace lining underneath. This pop of color injected a touch of surprise and drama into the look.

With her hair styled in loose waves and minimal makeup, Robbie allowed the dress to take center stage. Her overall look exuded effortless elegance and red carpet confidence, making her a true showstopper at the “Babylon” premiere.

The ice blue Versace gown was a true masterpiece, perfectly capturing Robbie’s unique blend of beauty, sophistication, and edge. It was a fitting choice for the premiere of a film set in the golden age of Hollywood, and it is no surprise that Robbie turned heads in this stunning ensemble.

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