Living Doll! Margot Robbie Looks Extremely Sexy In A Tiny Bikini While On Vacation With Her Husband, Tom Ackerley, And Friends In Spain.

Recently, Margot Robbie and her husband, Tom Ackerley, were spotted enjoying a vacation on a yacht off the coast of Formentera, Spain. The “Harley Quinn” actress flaunted her toned and balanced physique in a tiny yellow-striped bikini, epitomizing the essence of a living doll.

Measuring at 1.68 meters tall, Margot boasts enviable measurements of 86-59-86 cm, earning her praise as one of the top bombshells of the 21st century. Recognized by Maxim Hot 100 as the sexiest woman alive in 2016, she continues to captivate with her undeniable allure.

The Australian actress engaged in cheerful banter with her equally fit husband at the yacht’s tail. Tom, a British film producer, matches his wife’s physical prowess with a tall and athletic build.

Margot recently secured her position as Hollywood’s highest-paid actress, banking a remarkable $12.5 million for her role in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film, “Barbie.” In the movie, she takes on the iconic role of the 1959 Mattel doll, alongside co-star Ryan Gosling of “La La Land” fame, who portrays the timeless Ken doll.

Although the film is set to release in July 2023, its influence has already permeated the fashion world, giving rise to the “Barbiecore” trend, characterized by a dominant pink aesthetic.

Sharing the yacht’s deck with the “Wolf of Wall Street” star is American-Egyptian actor Rami Malek. While opting out of a beach dip, Rami indulges in beverages and lively conversations with friends aboard the yacht.

Margot Robbie’s sun-kissed getaway exudes not only glamour but also a sense of relaxation, highlighting the enchanting charisma that has solidified her status as a Hollywood sensation.

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