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Reversing Disease with Diet - BG Diet

There is no ambiguity among professionals that a diet that helps you maintain a normal body weight will help you stay healthy, but did you know that you can actually reverse certain diseases with your diet? The most common food borne illnesses like type II diabetes, clogged arteries, and other diet related diseases can be virtually eliminated in most people with a sound diet plan consisting of mostly high fiber vegetables, grains, legumes, and fruit.

Science –The scientific evidence is so strong that even large health organizations such as Kaiser Permanente have suggested shifting to a plant based diet for maximum health. Studies are overwhelmingly showing that a diet that is low in overt fats, and high in plant based, unprocessed foods will change health outcomes and even overcome what some people think of as genetics in terms of obesity, diabetes or getting heart disease.

Heart DiseaseHeart Disease is the number one killer in the United States. What if you knew for sure that you could reverse most causes of heart disease just by eating a whole food plant based diet? Wouldn’t you do it?  Due to our fast passed, fast food lifestyle children are actually starting to develop clogged arteries as young as 10 years old. The way to fix this problem is to go back to cooking at home, and filling our children with a diet high in unprocessed plant food.

Type II Diabetes – People are being diagnosed younger and younger with what used to be caused adult onset diabetes. This is a completely food borne illness that, can be prevented, controlled and even in some cases if the damage hasn’t gone too far, reversed through diet without drugs. Eating a low fat, unprocessed diet consisting of no animal products has been shown to work. In some ways this goes contrary to what people have been taught which is to avoid carbs. But high fiber health carbs found in plants are not dangerous.

Cancer – While you cannot cure cancer with a diet, you can ensure that your body is healthy enough to slow the progression or endure treatment. Many cancers have been found to grow faster in a high protein environment. Reducing the amount of animal protein in the diet, and shooting for less than 10 percent protein to calorie ratio can make a huge difference. Studies in rats showed that they can actually stop and start cancer growth at will just by adding or reducing protein. (The China Study)

Obesity – Many people erroneously believe they’re destined to be obese because they believe their entire family is fat so of course they are too. It’s hereditary. It is true that some people can consume more calories than others and maintain a slim appearance. There are definitely genetic issues at play. But, with a high fiber, low fat, unprocessed plant based diet you can overcome your genetics.

When you consider all the benefits of changing your diet, you quickly see that there are many reasons to do so. Start with adding in more vegetables into your diet, and then move forward with slowly eliminating and replacing high fat, processed, and animal sources of food from your diet and you’ll soon experience how fascinating the human body is when you feed it right.


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